Custom boots, custom made, hiking boots
Custom boots, custom made, hiking boots
Custom boots, custom made, hiking boots

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Product List

Mountain Hiking Boot

This is the main boot that I make and sell. You pick the weight and flex to fit your needs.
This is also the main design that I use for all my Mountain Footwear.
I use a top grain "Alpine Latigo" for the upper leather and
a thick black "Deer Tan" leather for the linings and bellows closure.
I offer this Mtn. Boot with a Rough-out upper or a Smooth-out upper.
(The same Alpine Latigo upper leather is used for each of these).
All my Mountain Footwear come with a thick leather insole,
this is the foundation of the boot and real leather works the best.
The Classic Vibram Lug Sole is used along with a Rubber Midsole.
For a more firmer flex , a Leather Midsole plus Rubber Midsole and Vibram Lug Sole is available.
Inside Leather Heel Counters are used (longer wear and they hold the shape the best).
Handmade box toes to keep the toe area solid.
A simple padded tongue is used on the leather bellows closure.
(A optional "Double Tongue System" is available. ("Calden Fit System" TM)
(There is "Double Tongue System" pictured at the bottom of my Photos page).
Custom fitted close cell foam is used in the ankle area and tongues.
I use a heavy nylon thread for all my stitching, using two rows and double stitching in some area.
Price: $1450.00*

Mountain "Lite" Boot

Same great design and features as the Mountain Hiking Boot but a lighter weight and flex.
5mm rubber midsoles.
Price: $1450.00*

Mountain Shoe

Beautiful top grain leather is used for the one piece upper and they are fully leather lined.
Closure is basic eyelet or a padded bellows style to help keep out the elements.
Soles are a mini Vibram or crepe, both come with a Vibram lug heel.
Color choices are black, brown or burgandy.
(Not available anymore)

Back Country Ski Boot

Full Grain Leather uppers with smooth side out for maximum water resistance.
Ski Flex which include rubber midsoles, leather insoles, plastic shank filler and leather toe wedge.
Leather heel counters for longer wear and holds shape.
Handmade box toe will keep toe area solid.
Tongue is made with a simple padded bellows(optional Double Tongue available).
Back stay to keep shape of boot and provides comfort.
Back of boot is curved for comfort.
Foam padding shaped to fit instep and ankle areas.
Stitching with heavy nylon thread.
75 mm Ski Toe cap to protect the upper from metal ski edges.
Heel to ball wedge for more control.
(Not available anymore)

*Plus sales tax or shipping cost, (most boots ship for $40 to $50).
* Because of the amount of leather used on very large sizes (14+), I add $50 to $100 to cover this extra cost.
I make a pair of "Last" (foot forms) to equal each customers foot outlines and measurements)

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Hand made boots, Mountain Hiking Boot, Technical Mountaineering Boots

Mountain Hiking Boot

Custom Leather boots, Mountain Lite Boot, Mountain Footwear

Mountain "Lite" Boot

Custom hiking shoes, Mountain Shoe

Mountain Shoe

Custom made leather, X-C Ski Boot

X-C Ski Boot

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